I want euthanasia.

It should be legal for people Aspergers. There is no greater gift you could possibly give me than to spare me living the rest of my life in this hell.

You type in anything that google construes as seeking help on how to kill yourself, it's all censored and you get Samaritans and the NHS and all that "get help" crap. It fucking infuriates me. When I'm 40 and my life has still gone nowhere I'm going to go on the dark web. I bet there are real suicide sites that google is hiding and I'll find them.

  • I have done research in ways to kill myself. 

    What I learnt is there is no 'good' way to do it. No painless way, no quick way. No way that is 100% certain death. 

    And the idea that I could end up in an even worse situation because of a suicide attempt that didn't work? That is what essentially stops me doing it. 

    'when my life has still gone nowhere...' 

    Do you think life is meant to go somewhere? 

    I know society tells us that if we 'just try hard enough we'll get somewhere' but noticed how that 'somewhere' is always vague? There is no somewhere. There is no 'meant to go somewhere' with life. Life just is. 

    And yea it's pretty ***. But it still just is. 

    Stop looking for somewhere to go. Somewhere doesn't matter. 

  • I might need to keep these lines to hand for the next time the big weight of despair hits.

    Thank you for writing this out.

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