Autism and Mental Health

Hi there 

How are you?

I was wondering if anyone on here is struggling with their mental health? I have severe anxiety, depression and autistic shutdown which (started in August 2019) and I’m finding it a real struggle to get better and lift myself back up to who I used to be. I feel my body, mind and personality has been taken over by someone else.

Please can I ask how you manage? What sort of things do you do to relax and work your way through your mental health struggles? Do you have any traditions or special ways of helping your mental health? 

I am in a lot of pain ( in my tummy) and feel sick quite a bit through the day.

If I can help anyone please let me know. I’m very interested to learn about other people’s experiences and ways of managing.

Thank you and best wishes 

  • Yes I struggle with all this but I'm afraid I can't tell you how to manage. I do not manage much. I've researched it and poor mental health is far more common with us than neurotypical people.

  • I think there is a statistic that 70% of autistic people suffer from anxiety and depression. So it is quite a common struggle I think. Talking here helps.

  • The stomach pain could be anxiety  maybe keep a journal.. what were you thinking about before you got the pain or sick feeling?  or is it happening after you've eaten something?  ..if its a common/daily thing what do you eat daily?  ...  gluten intolerance would be guess as most people have bread at some point everyday either as toast for breakfast or sandwiches...or dairy? (if you get through a lot of milk, cheese, yoghurts etc?)

    Having a dog has been my best therapy. I get out everyday in the fresh air, even if I go when no-one else is about and avoid socialising, I like to take photo's of local nature then on rainy days etc I'll have a go at sketching them. I like watercolours too so enjoy putting on some favourite records from the 80's and doing a watercolor I find it very calming.

    Video games are handy to get rid of frustration a good old 'hack and slash' /role play type game old skool cartoony type graphics (nothing too gory and over-realistic).

    Social Media really started to affect my mental health negatively so I closed the account. Age can have a difference if you're moving towards middle age and older. I've gone back to preferring an isolated life with my own company (and the dogs). Social commitments/expectations  are usually the things that trigger negative emotions (particuarly ones like anger, resentment etc) and if I can avoid them at all it makes me feel happier and back in control again.

  • I struggle badly with depression and social anxiety. be well :)

  • I struggle too. I found coming off social media helped me so much. I only use this site now. Plus podcasts and a new found love for folk type music. I just calmed down to sleep and the thought 'wow my loop of worries has disappeared' then my worries came flooding back and I'm wide awake again! 

  • Hi there, I completely understand that so many are undergoing struggles with mental health at the minute. I have a young boy (10) who has autism and since lockdown, he's found it incredibly difficult to relax with stresses triggering a whole host of emotions. 

    I realised it was time to get my little boy help so I spoke to a private paediatric consultant  about his struggles and we have worked together to build a routine to relax in times of stress. If you would like to know more about the routine, happy to help. 

  • Depression and Social Anxiety here. I listen to music a lot and find that helps. So does indulging as often as possible in my hobbies.

  • I work in a call centre(I know right?) and the job can get me into lockdown very easily. when I feel overwhelmed I crawl into bed, cover my eyes and ears and put on some loud and rhythmic music, I can then "tune" myself to the pulse of the music and calm down that way.