feeling isolated

Hi all I am a autistic teen and recently I have been struggleing with finding friends.

I feel isolated especially with the coronavirus pandemic. I am socialialy anxious. I find it really tiereing to talk to people.

I like computer games, airsoft and tech.

I also am homeschooled.

Where can I go to to find friends.

  • I can feel what you're going through, I have been through similar situation for a major part of my life. I am currently 24 years old and I struggle to make friends, being an introvert since the very beginning of my life, I never learned how to interact with people or how to respond to them properly.

    When I was pursuing my graduation I felt the need of having friends with whom I can share my thoughts and feelings but never made any good ones.

    At one point I got really stressed with all the work load that comes with assignments and I decided to hire someone to do my work for me. I took online [link removed by Moderator] to free up some of my time and in turn ease some of the pressure that had built up. I suggest you to do the same and try to utilize the time you save making new friends and trying to socialize as much as you can. I got rewarded with the best friend I've never has in my life doing this.

    I wish you luck!

  • Hey I'm in the exact same boat as you. I'm feeling isolated as well and I lost the only friends I used to talk to. I like computer games and tech as well. What sorts of games do you play?