What's the ultimate (general/simple) guide to a healthy life?

Despite all my personal and specific details, despite my job, work time and location and health status. I am an adolescent male; what should my meals consist of? How much should I sleep?

I've noticed that things have gotten much more complicated, people are coming up with new diets and health. I honestly don't care about quinoa seeds or Mediterranean or Keto diets. My friend's doctor recommended that she sleeps in 6 hour sequences because "new studies show" that it's the better way.

I want the basics, the principles they've taught me in school. "Drink 2 litres of water a day, breakfast should be consist of meals rich in fibre and carbohydrates. Cereal and fruits is the best way to go" "Sleep 8 hours a day, maybe take a 30m to 1h siesta in the afternoon", etc.

What about working out? How much should I walk/jog/ maybe I could start walking then gradually increase time of workout and work out intensity?

I remember that I should eat fish once a week at least for omega 3 or something like that?

What about the rule "eat anything, but eat in small portions and make sure you work out"?

  • I do 20 burpees every evening. 

    I try to be hungry at least once a day.

    Healthy dishes are more likely to start with onions and contain some other vegetable or tomato... 

    Some easy healthy foods:

    - fajita's (onions, chicken, paprika), in a wrap with guacamole.

    - spaghetti, but reduce the pasta and scoop an extra serving of sauce

    - ratatouille with rice (onions, paprika, aubergine, courgettes)

    - flemish stoofvlees (meat stew with beer, a slice of bread with mustard) with green beans and french fries

    - frittata: omelette with boiled potatoes and some chorizo, onions of course

    - salmon covered with a layer of red pesto, or covered with boursin, served with leek and slightly roasted potatoes.

    - and at least once a week, sin! pizza or chinese take-away. 

    And premade salads for lunch (they sell lots of types nowadays, about 5 euro per portion)...

    Healthy snacks: sardines or canned fish, unsalted nuts.

    Drink only water.

    Sleep in my case needs to be about 10-11 hours. For some people it's more. If you sleep without your alarmclock 12 hours, then 8 hours is probably not enough to be rested. 

  • Are you seriously asking those questions?  I mean you presumably have common sense, so why not use it.  That is the general guide to a healthy life.  Their is no point in me saying do this, do that, because you arent me.

    Anyone who says do 100 sit ups, eat this food, eat that food, isnt helpful.  Get a good nights sleep, eat good healthy food, avoid processed food, drink lots of water.  That is pretty much it.  How you actually go about it, is up to you.