Coronavirus help and support for autistic people living independently who have chronic illnesses

I am a 56 year old autistic adult with a learning disability and live independently as I live on my own. I would like to know what support will be given to me, if I become ill with the coronavirus as I have difficulty using the telephone, and I find it even harder to describe my symptoms and I do not know anyone who could me.  I also have very painful and debilitating fibromyalgia along with OCD, depression, epilepsy and I catch colds and other illnesses very quickly despite having the influenza vaccine.  I also have chronic rhinus sinusitis along with a blocked nose and dry cough. I do not have any friends or family who will be able to help me make a telephone call to 111 and my neighbours are hostile to me and would never go out of there way to help me.  I am on medication from the doctor which I get every two weeks and if I become ill with the coronavirus there is no-one to take my medication box to the pharmacy to get it filled up for me.