Feeling bad with guilt

Okay it seems what I wrote caused a misunderstanding. I wasn’t saying mental illness makes people arseholes. I worded it in such a way that it may have appeared that way. When I said I can’t tell if the person in question is a person who is an arsehole who happens to have a diagnosis, I didn’t mean that the mental illness made him an arsehole, when I also said (and I realise now it should have been worded better) was that I was trying to decipher if his mental illness was making him act like an arsehole.... when I wrote that I was in the mind set of saying someone ‘acting like an arsehole’ isn’t the same as saying they are one. Hence the ‘acting like’ bit of the sentence, more sensitively it should have been written as something like, “or if his mental illnesses makes him act out” 

 the person in question has been abusive towards me for years consistently. 

Sorry for the insensitive wording of my post I didn’t intend to come across insensitive