Waiting Times

I was reading this article on Huffington Post, and I thought you might be interested in reading it, too. 

Exclusive: NHS Patients Enduring 'Traumatic' Waits Of More Than Two Years For Autism Assessment


  • That is about the average yes. In my job, I am able to get people fast-tracked through in as short a length of time 3 weeks or so, but there has to be a real need. There is currently over 150 on the waiting list in the city. 

  • I'm struggling so much with the waiting times. I was referred in December (having had to go through a mental health assessment in order to get a referral, since my GP wasn't interested and falsely told me that there were no autism services on my area!). I received my pre-assessment forms a few weeks ago and have received nothing since - they can't even give me an idea of timescales.

    I feel so helpless; I can't stand waiting and I feel I can't get the support I really need without the formal diagnosis.