I'm learning the hard way about burnout. 

Over the last six months or so, I've noticed that I've been getting irritable and really tired. Also my concentration levels have been bad. 

It has all come to a head this week, when my supervisor suggested I take some leave to recuperate. 

Just working the last few days have been exhausting.  

  • I'm feeling that way too - it feels like I've been constantly exhausted for months and just can't shake it. Hope you feel better after some time off.

  • I would really like some time off too. I've been super exhausted.
    Hope you feel better after taking a break!

  • I have been like that for the past two or more years and have just had another workplace meltdown.  This time I know the triggers and build up to it (signs al this month) and I could not control it because nobody listened/heard/acted.

    Good luck Ed S, I am now in the period post meltdown that I was the previous times and recuperating from the stress/anxiety.