Help Dyslexic and undiagnosed ASD - Navigate emergency housing plan

TL;DR (too long didn't read) version; I need Independent legal advice. like but for undiagnosed ASD adult with other disabilities, with housing and disability advice.

All I can think of is getting a needs assessment from the local authority.

Any suggestion as next steps would be really helpful.

Any clarifications I will add.

Long version below.

Hi, I am

  • homeless and in emergency accommodation
  • in the process of being diagnosed for ASD
  • anxiety ridden with people
  • receiving self-employed working tax credits with a disability element
  • depressed diagnosed
  • dyslexic diagnosed

I am trying to be proactive. What should I be doing to get the help I need and the proper housing for my needs?

I find research and self-advocacy interesting but difficult because of the above problems.

  • Legal help is only given if you are in a legal situation - ie evicted, prevention is not funded.
  • NAS advocate only helps once those that are undiagnosed?
  • Can I trust the local government advocate service?
  • How long should an adult social care application take?

I have tried

  • disability law service
  • NAS
  • CAB
  • Shelter (website)
  • Local floating support
  • cried a lot
  • been exhausted
  • Independent

ASD moments - became agitated about being made to share my space

I was finding it hard to explain to the housing, to change my housing plan. They had put me forward for shared supported housing.

I got it changed with a letter "informal review" explaining how shared accommodation would not be suitable for me and my mental health.

Apparently, it was my LADS advocate that was telling them to put me into shared accommodation. Super high anxiety about talking to people and being homeless and having to move in with someone.

ASD moments - My NAS guy would only help me once.

But before that, he said he could not help because I was undiagnosed.

I nearly lost it when after traveling an hour and arriving 2 and half hours early, (i didn't want to miss the appointment).