"NeuroDiversity"... means Psychopaths and Sociopaths, too (nowadays).

"NeuroDiversity"... means Psychopaths and Sociopaths, too, now.
Just in case anyone here might not know.
Just in case I am not believed, here are links. (But also just type "NeuroDiversity +Psychopath and/or +Sociopath into your Search Engine to bring up lots of results.)
These do also admit that "ND" was a term originally coined by Autistics... but since then, the Psychopaths have adopted it, too.

Autistics worry and care... Socio/Psycho-paths do not. That is supposed to be the difference.



...I am Autistic, and I have to live with a person of one of those other types stated, there (My so-called 'Brother'). This is the reason why I post less of late... and I may eventually have to leave this Forum completely.

Now you all know.

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