This is the link to the petition:

The latest petition update states:

The government won't do it...So FAB have!!  We have designed a survey to log injuries and distress caused by fireworks. We would like you to record all the fireworks you hear from your home. The survey continues to pages 2 and 3 to record injuries.. Please share this link to anyone who may use it. You do not have to be on facebook or in the group etc to use it.

I will take the results of this survey to the MPs.

For those who prefer long links, this is the link to the log and survey:

  • Some selfish person has set off fireworks on Christmas Day.

    What has Christmas Day got to do with fireworks? NOTHING!

    We cannot have a single day without some selfish behaviour.

    I have reported the use of fireworks. The sooner the general public is banned from being able to obtain fireworks - WHICH ARE A PUBLIC MENACE - the better.