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Hello everybody, I am new here and want your advice. My son is 23 with ASD and mild learning difficulty. He is very keen to go on a holiday with 'friends' except he has no real friends. The level of support he would need is minimal, mostly guidance. any suggestions on agencies others have used in similar situations?

  • Hi  You might like to know about our new organisation in Mid Wales called Dal Dy Dir. which has entered into a partnership with Forest Cottages to provide respite and holidays for families with disabilities. With 4 cottages, their friendly approach allows families to meet other families in the same situation, to make friends and to help support each other.

    The Forest is a beautiful four acre holiday complex, nestled in a magnificent valley on the outskirts of Kerry which offers cosy and comfortable cottages with all the amenities of home. Their tennis court, games room, play area, paddocks and extensive mature gardens provides Dal Dy Dir with the scope it needs to set up a programme of tailored therapeutic breaks, as well as emergency placements, for families in need of respite. With a wide range of activities, their animal therapy sessions featuring tame goats, sheep and chickens, and their forest school and music workshops gives the whole family a chance to learn new skills in a supported warm and safe environment. Everyone needs a holiday and Dal Dy Dir’s innovative programmes bring families together, create memories and support siblings and the whole family in a settled relaxing non-judgemental atmosphere.

    The family is assigned a personal Coach Specialist who will contact the family prior to the break to ascertain their personal, physical and emotional requirements. From this, a bespoke programme of activities and support is planned for the week. Coaching, counselling and crisis intervention are all part of the interventions on offer and are not only for the individual but also for the family as a whole. This means that we can target wider issues within a family context and develop plans for when families return home.

    Our website has information about us which I hope you give you a better idea of what we do

    I hope this is of interest


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