The Hidden Danger of Suicide in Autism

A friend has just forwarded me this recent article.  I found myself nodding my head a lot as I read it.  The points on bullying and 'camouflaging' are particularly pertinent for me.

The Hidden Danger of Suicide in Autism

  • I'm sorry i havn't commented for a while i have had to cloister myself away and contemplate my next steps on how to tackle this issue within our cohort, this is no small task.

    This issue is not hidden, there have been Parliamentary debates specifically on this subject and they know why this is occuring.

    When i compare what is happening now to nazi germany this is not lightly done, elements of the early nazi regime are in play right now, it started with the removal of financial and medical support. Hans Asperger was a part of that system; Aktion T4. Aspies were the ones he later believed he could save from the gas chambers by using our masking ability.

    Suicide is preferable to gas chambers, if only it wasnt for pesky statisticians..........

    I have been in contact with 2 'experts' cited within these reports and to be perfectly honest, they don't care. I live in the same city as one of them works and have offered physical evidence (videos, letters, recordings) giving an insight into why this is happening and there has been no uptake. 

    Once again i will cite this quote,

                "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"

    So, what do we do about it?

    It has to be 'we', a grassroots 'we', of the people, for the people. We cannot abrogate our future safety to those who only have a financial or narcissistic stake in the battle, for us it is our lives at risk.

    I would initially like to propose the creation of a small 'working group' to explore if there is a future for such a community - a word purposefully used in this context as i believe we together  can elevate and support eachother in ways no others can.

    Lets start by making the world a little less lonely.

    Peace, love and light to you all. x

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