I Have Had Enough

I have truly had enough of my life, of living.

I have come to detest people and detest society.

Back in April I reported a noise nuisance by a household four days; they were (are) playing music very loudly for hours on end. We are almost in August and the problem has still not been sorted. Three times the household has stopped playing, seemingly after being contacted by the council, only to start again after approximately two weeks (I know the gaps as I keep records for completing witness records.

Earlier this month I asked for a council officer visit when the music was being played one Sunday afternoon but had to cancel the visit before the officer arrived because the music (the one time I wanted the music to continue and it stopped!). Earlier this week I put a call in to the council (after 5 p.m.) only to be told they do not visit out of office hours during the week. The music lasted five hours.

On top of this there is another household behind where I live that has started making a greater nuisance of itself than before. There is a boy who just kicks his football against all manner of objects. He has broken at least five panes of glass in a greenhouse. The other day he was keeping his football (thump, thump, thump, thump) until getting on for 10 p.m. When his told him to take the ball up the recreation ground (less than a minute's walk away) he ignored her and even said, "Would you like me to kick the ball at you?" She replied, "No" and he said, "No, I thought not."

A week ago I was woken up by TV-like noise from the household and kept awake. Eventually, I went round to ask for the noise to be kept down. The mother would not answer the door (she just kept turning up the TV!) but one of her sons answered the door. He agreed to keep the noise down. About an hour later (10.30 p.m. to 10.40 p.m.) he had turned up the volume and I was again woken. The following morning I went round again and had the same trouble in getting someone to open the door. The son who had answered the door previously opened the door. He denied the noise came from their household but could not say where it came from. He also said the window was only cracked open (a lie as I saw it plainly). He then went on to say he did not know how I could hear the noise as he could barely hear it! When I returned to my property he had opened his window wide and had set the volume on the TV high enough for it be a nuisance.

The other day he had the volume up so much that I had to wear ear defenders indoors, had to wear headphones to listen to the radio and could not sit outside. the noise nuisance was particularly bad from 6 p.m. to 10.35 p.m. The stress of all their noise gave me a migraine.

Truly, I have had enough.

I have moved once due to noisy neighbours. I have been looking at ways to escape (e.g. living in a tent) but cannot do so whilst my lovely rescue cat Scratchy is with me.

Sorry to have gone on.