Hospitals not ASD friendly

I have had to go to A and E and found the experience deeply uncomfortable.  Lots of people noise etc.  

I also have had to wait over a month and a half for a breathing issue to do with my throat.  Despite my Gp saying it was urgent.  

I got told many reasons why I had to wait so long.  Inconsistency, a real pain with my suspected ASD.  This prolonged agony got me thinking,  do hospitals really understand ASD?

Think of their layout and lack of facilities.

Does anyone else think this?

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  • Think A&E must be rather unpleasant to anybody. Guess it's difficult to do anything about lots of people and noises, but being placed on a bed that resembles more a large table in an otherwise empty room, with an incredibly bright light right above you, is something that's not totally necessary. Not saying it can be made cozy, but making people feel a little less exposed would probably be possible. And it would benefit everybody.

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