Three disorders

Now i know for sure i have autism because i got an official diagnosis and still have all the signs but i have been doing some research and i also show the signs of bipolar disorder and a borderline personality disorder so i was thinking...can it be possible that i have all three of these disorders?

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  • Autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder all share molecular traits, study finds

             Date:  February 8, 2018

        Source:  University of California - Los Angeles

    Summary:  Most medical conditions are largely defined by their physical symptoms.

                       Psychiatric illnesses, however, largely defined by a person's behavior.

                       A new study challenges that distinction, identifying many ~ and distinct ~

                       patterns of gene expression in the brains of people with autism,

                       schizophrenia and disorder. The data hint at potential targets that may

                       one day lead to new treatment approaches.


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