The Four Agreements

Does anybody here live by the Four Agreements? 

For anybody who is unfamiliar with them, they are ~

1. Be impeccable with your word

2. Don’t take anything personally 

3. Don’t make assumptions 

4. Always do your best 

and a later addition ~ 

5. Be skeptical but learn to listen. 

They are all based on Toltec Wisdom. 

I’m currently re-reading book one, The Four Agreements, and after a few more re-reads I’ll move on to some re-reads of the Fitth Agreement. 

It is said that if all of society practiced just one of the agreements, the world would change ~ but why stop at one? 

I love reading the books, they don’t teach me anything I don’t know but I love the way the author describes how a person can live by the five agreements and live in perfect bliss and happiness. 

With this book, there’s no need to understand the underlying laws that support these agreements but they can help a person to achieve perfect bliss regardless. 

I know plenty of people who have read the book but I don’t know anybody who practices the agreements, who has made a commitment to them in their everyday lives. 

What other inspiring books are people reading?