A Shame the Snow Has Gone

I realise I am being selfish but the snow made everything quieter and my well-being improved as a result.

Yes, I missed hearing the birds singing but I did not miss the assault of man-made noise. At least the rain kept the latter at bay for today.

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  • To BlueRay, when I find the looong Post I saw, then I intend to answer you. It was incredibly lucid and I thank you for it. Yet I must leave off for now...

    ...Look at that! I had to close the Thread and open it from the Top, and I finally found it again, and can quote myself from before. This Forum is Mad mad mad...

    *ahem* Regardless of that... this is what I meant to say, Miss BlueRay...:

    I have "Liked" your Post, there, and it confirms a certain aspect or attribute which I am curious about. It may begin a whole new Thread by itself, and so I do not mention it here, yet shall continue upon one of your own other Threads, if you do not mind...?

    The "LOVE" Thread.... Link to follow:

    BlueRay's "Love" Thread (out of many others(!)):