A Shame the Snow Has Gone

I realise I am being selfish but the snow made everything quieter and my well-being improved as a result.

Yes, I missed hearing the birds singing but I did not miss the assault of man-made noise. At least the rain kept the latter at bay for today.

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  • we were all looking at the same thing from different angles so we are all bound to see different things. It’s like if you placed a bunch of people round an elephant, for example, they would all see something different but each would see what’s true to them. 

    Greetings to BluRay...

    With regards to that which I Quote, there...

    Of mostly all things which you Post hereupon this entire Forum of late - and often at great length... THIS is the most Lucid and True thing which you have said. Please pay good and correct and Logical attention to this, this which is in your own words. I support only this, very much. 

    That is all.