A Shame the Snow Has Gone

I realise I am being selfish but the snow made everything quieter and my well-being improved as a result.

Yes, I missed hearing the birds singing but I did not miss the assault of man-made noise. At least the rain kept the latter at bay for today.

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  • I still enjoy a few days of snow every winter.  It makes a change from the boring grey drab landscape.

    My late mother never understand why we as children were exited by the snow.  She hated snow and repeatedly described her childhood in prewar Poland.  How there, when it started snowing in November, it didn't melt completely until April.  Every winter they had large snowdrifts.  And nobody made a fuss, they just cleared the snow and got on with life.  She found it incredible that here after a couple of inches. Roads were blocked, schools were shut and all the fuss.  Back in her childhood after a heavy overnight snowfall of two or three feet. Families dug themselves out, made paths and walked on top of the snow like normal.

    What she found unusual was the way here lying snow only lasted a few days.  Then it snows again a month later, melts after a few days.  Weird!