A Shame the Snow Has Gone

I realise I am being selfish but the snow made everything quieter and my well-being improved as a result.

Yes, I missed hearing the birds singing but I did not miss the assault of man-made noise. At least the rain kept the latter at bay for today.

  • I agree with you to an extent, caretwo.  My only concern was that if it had gone on too much longer, I would lose too much pay.  The centre where I work was closed, and unable to re-open until the snow had gone - which it now has.  And at my job, if I don't work, I don't get paid.  I've lost three days.  Fortunately, I have some savings that can cover it.  It's annoying, really, because the office staff get full pay.  I've found this in many jobs I've had, where there's been a division in the workforce: admin and front line.  It's very unfair.  Care is a very difficult and demanding job, that we don't do for money anyway.  But I've worked in offices.  Anyone, if they're reasonably capable, can do office work.  Not everyone can do care work.

    If things had been different that way, though, I'd be in full agreement.  I like the quietness.  The light.  The way that everything seems pristine and sparkling.  I really wouldn't mind living in a country like Iceland, Canada or Norway, where they have months of this, and are adapted to it.

    The other thing is... now that the snow's gone, the roads are much worse where the frost has attacked them.  Our roads were bad enough before.  Now there are craters everywhere!

  • Sorry to hear that you lost three days' pay. I agree with you about the unfairness of the situation. I noticed a BBC news item (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-43272396) mentioning that Scottish ministers are considering action against employers for docking the wages of staff who could not make it to work because of the bad weather.

    If only there was a way of creating the same quiet atmosphere but you could still attend work!

    I have sometimes wondered if living in Iceland, Canada, etc. would suit me better.

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