Impossible bath times

every week is a massive struggle for us bathing our 4 year old boy. He has autism and over the last 6 months has taken a dislike (putting it very very mildly)to bath time and having his hair washed. We have tried a variety of bath toys, lights, bubbles, water pistols, train tracks in the bath as trains are his favourite. The water pistols worked for 2 weeks but he has now lost interest in those. We've tried preparing him for bath times and tried springing it on him. I don't think it's the acoustics in the bathroom as he quite likes noise although we have tried a quieter environment. I'm at a total loss about what to try next. Does anybody else have a similar struggle that could help. 

Thank you in advance 


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  • Hello Becky. I'm not sure that I can help but I am an adult autistic and I hate baths and showers, I hate water on my face, I hate having my hair washed, (and cut) i know it's unreasonable to expect any one to accept an unwashed person but the best my mother ever managed to do with me was a damp flannel.