GP Receptions or as I call them Dragons.

Do you put of contact with GP's just because of dread problems dealing with GP recepition's?

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  • I had a telephone appointment with my GP earlier in the week, I didn't even know that it was possible!

    My travel plans fell through and when I phoned to tell the receptionist that i couldn't get to my appointment, I asked if a telephone appointment would be possible - she didn't know but was great about it and went off to ask the GP about it, then called me back to confirm it. Not a dragon at all, but like anything it just depends on who you get. 

    In the past I've dealt with nosy GP's  receptionists, asking what my appointment was for. I just said it was "Primarily to discuss my health but might include some pointless small talk like this.", but thankfully I'm no longer with that particular practice.  

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