Liking people

So does anyone else feel like it's hard to like people and well....just follow the link to a video to see what I mean.

I don't mean this exactly but it's pretty close to what I mean.

  • It depends on the person, for me.

    I find it very difficult to like superficial people, people for whom material things (appearances, possessions, money) are everything. I think perhaps that's more to do with the fact that I just don't understand them, rather than actively disliking them. 

    I also can't find much to like about aggressive people, especially those who use that aggressiveness against other (usually smaller / weaker / younger) people. That would also apply to those who use their power / position / physical size / intellect to intimidate or demean others less able than themselves (basically bullying).

    Both groups I have difficulty understanding, for different reasons, and find myself studying them in the same way I might an interesting but slightly gross bug. The superficial ones I generally simply ignore. The various types of bullies I sometimes enjoy 'squashing', depending upon whether I think the person they're picking on can handle it themselves or not. 

    Apart from those exceptions, I think i just don't really notice most people. I generally neither like nor dislike them, they just don't show up on my radar most of the time. I only really notice those I'm forced to interact with and then I generally just 'get through' our interaction and leave. I can't 'do' their small-talk and I can't feign an interest in ridiculousness. I used to try to ... then I grew up. Or became less patient.      

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