Liking people

So does anyone else feel like it's hard to like people and well....just follow the link to a video to see what I mean.

I don't mean this exactly but it's pretty close to what I mean.

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  • I don’t think, for me, it’s hard to like people but there are very few people, if any, that I chose to spend any significant amount of time with. I’m not into traditional types of friendships where you have to stay in close contact with people on a regular basis, but the many friends I do have with people I like, are very long lasting although our meetings, get togethers or communications with each other is limited and we can go for years without contact because they have got to know and accept me so they know I don’t do traditional friendships, but they know I’m there for them and visa versa and we don’t usually go for moe than a few years without contact, which keeps me busy enough with people. I enjoy my own company the most but I do or I have sometimes developed little kind of obsessions on people that very quickly wear off, I soon get bored of them, but I do also have many deep and lasting friendships  that I value. Some people leave my life without word. I used to think that was a bit weird but I’ve since realised that I probably said something to offend them and rather than say anything to me, they just up and leave my life without word. I find it a bit weird but it does me a favour really because there are some people who I’m not overly keen on keeping in touch with and the ones who usually leave, are the ones that are looking for a more traditional type of friendship, that I just don’t do, so it was always for the best. I don’t always feel like telling someone I’m bored of them now, that they can go away, I do of course sometimes, but I like it better when they do it to me! 

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