Advice for mental health


I've been struggling with my mental health lately due to my autism. Its really hard to talk to someone about this. My parents aren't understanding of it and have treated me differently because of it. I've had several bad experiences with friendships too. I'm okay at making friends but when I tell them that I have autism, they treat me badly because of it. I feel miserable and I really struggle talking to someone about all this. Is there any sites/books/self help, just anything that can help improve my wellbeing?

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  • As Robert has already said, being on here is good to find out about others who have been through what you are going through now, 

    Feel free to talk or ask questions, we are all different but overall we do listen and we care, 

    glad to you have joined our tribe! A friendly place where you will not be judged, be yourself,,,you might be suprised how most will understand what you are saying.

    we all speak a special language,,, It is called honest and real. An under used construct amongst NT beings, 

    complimentary hug aspie style ()  virtual.

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