What services would help?

There are very few specialist services, at least publicly-funded ones, for post-diagnostic support of autistic adults.

Meanwhile we hear figures of between 66 and 80% of diagnosed autistic people have mental health problems, and mental health services are rarely adapted or suitable for autistic people (how many MH professionals even pick up on autism and make a referral?).

What might support you or autistic people of any age to fulfil their potential and to avoid developing depression, anxiety and other mental health problems? What does good post-diagnostic support look like?

What would improve your quality of life if money were no object? What would you communicate to everyone about autism and your needs? Are there any skills that you would like someone to help you acquire? What would you be enabled to do? Design your own therapist or mentor if you like.

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  • Hi Cassandro,

    For me, it required a complete change of mind-set once I had my diagnosis.  No longer was I the problem.  Society and its institutions were the problem.  Mental health services treated me like a malingerer.  They told me to go away. 

    When I got the diagnosis, I looked at the 'support' available.  Much of it was apparently geared towards 'changing' me to fit in better.  By this time, I didn't want to fit in.  Throughout my life, other people had been indifferent to me at best, hostile to me at worst.  I didn't want to learn their language simply to be accepted by them as a refugee.  I was okay.  Other things needed to change to suit me.

    That's why I'm 'out' about my autism with whoever I meet - employers, colleagues, acquaintances, family members.  If they reject me because of it, then I don't need them in my life.

    I realise this approach wouldn't work for everyone.  But it's how I have to be, to survive.  It's how I find out who's really on my side.

    And if it's no one... then fair enough.

    I'll just be me, anyway.  As I've always been.  But with much more confidence in who I am.

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