Petition for mandatory training in Autism for all NHS mental health services

Please could you consider signing the below petition for mandatory training in Autism for all NHS mental health services:

I didn’t create the petition, but I fully support it and believe this is a really important issue for autistic individuals suffering from mental health problems. For example, in my personal experience not one of the mental health staff I have been involved with - counsellor, psychiatrists, psychologists, crisis team, psychiatric nurses, inpatient mental health staff - has understood my autism, how it affects my mental health problems, how autistic behaviours manifest, how treatments such as CBT should be adapted for autistic people, how to communicate with someone who is autistic (particularly in relation to asking about their feelings) etc. I even had every single request for a reasonable adjustment to help me refused, and I have now been told that there is ‘no effective treatment option available at present’ by my local community mental health team, simply because I asked to see someone who understood autism and mental health problems. This is not good enough. Please support this cause.

Thank you.