Wishing there was a prevention and cure for autism and other disabilities

Hello I am hoping for the future in this world that there would be a possible cure for autism and all types of disabilities as I really hate seeing people with disabilities all the time because it makes me a bit angry that it has happened to them and it makes me feel sorry for them as I really want everyone to be the same for once and for everyone to understand when I really want treatment to be out there and also for more hope for all blind people to be able to see for once.

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  • Phew, Sholay... these long, unpunctuated sentences make me dizzy! 

    The only way currently to 'prevent' autism is for people to stop having children, and I don't think that's likely to happen.  Also, although autism can be severely debilitating for many people, many others - such as myself - prefer to think of it less as a disability and more as a condition.  Personally, I'm quite happy with being the person I am and, knowing what I know now, I certainly wouldn't want my autism 'cured'.  And at present, it cannot be cured anyway.

    I share your unhappiness at the way people are disabled.  Instead of getting angry at that, though, I direct my anger at society.  Disability is largely a social construct.  Society is designed and built principally for the majority of the 'normally-able' and neurotypical.  No matter how far we advance, as things stand for now, people are still going to be born with disabilities of one kind or another.  So society should adapt to accommodate them.  And people disabled during their lives, as a result of accidents or illness, likewise need to be accommodated.  Medical science is developing things all of the time designed to help people.  We live in an imperfect world, though.  Righteous anger has it's place, of course - but maybe it is better to direct it at authorities which should be doing more to help everyone to be properly included in society, as they have a right to be... not treated as second-class citizens and ignored.

    Have you thought about a career working to help the disabled - as a support worker, say, in care?  It would be a good way for you to help those that you clearly care so much about.