Neighbours making a complaint

Hi sorry I’m not sure if I’ve put this in the right bit

the last three to four months my neighbors have been messaging me about my son jumping and scream he is non verbal he jumps a lot when he’s excited he wakes up in the night I’ve tried everything to try and keep him calm and quite as I understand how annoying it has to be for them but it is getting to the point I’m being told to shut him the f**k up and that this has nothing to do with his autism and being told my parenting is bad they are bowing taking this to housing to make a formal complaint is there anything housing can do As I am trying my hardest to inpove the  situation I just don’t no what move I can do :( I feel so bad for my son he’s four and having things sed about him is upsetting me 

  • I am in a similar situation. The child of the neighbor's above is sometimes running there and I hate the noise.

    I am considering to contact the Council and ask them to help me to remove the noise.

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