Autism and GPs

I have been collating various autism related web addresses and came across an autism section on the website for the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

For some reason, there are two web addresses for the same information:

I was surprised by the amount of useful information available. The 'Autistic Spectrum Disorders Toolkit' web page ( is particularly informative; to highlight just two examples, the page includes a link to take you to the relevant text of ICD-10 (Version: 2016) and has a section for autism in females.

There is a guide for GP reception staff ( that includes possible reasonable adjustments. There is also a 'Making the most of a visit to your GP' guide ( which also includes possible reasonable adjustments.

It is a shame that the RCGP use the word 'Disorder' rather than 'Condition' but that does not take away from the information provided.

  • Thank you caretwo for this info. And yeah, they might still be using the word ‘disorder’ but that’s how they and how some, genuinely perceive it, but that will change in time, as the medical model was replaced by the social model of disability so with more understating, they will stop  the use of that word. 

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