So I don't have natural tics but I sometimes will twitch my head or arms because it feels good and helps me take stress better but my parents think its weird because I don't have the kind of tics where you can't control it. does anyone else have something similar?

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  • When I was a child, I loved spinning round on the spot, not only because it felt good, but because it kept other children literally at arm's length, unless they wanted to risk a slap in the face. I could choose not to do it, but the compulsion was very strong.

    Nowadays, I only do it occasionally and in the privacy of my own home, but it still feels good. Under stress, in a public place, I go and hide in the toilet or something instead, because  I'm more conscious of what looks "normal", and what I can get away with. If unable to leave, I resort to tapping my fingers on my legs (they make very little sound that way), or scratching my index finger with my thumbnail. . Both these are "leftovers" from childhood as well, but are under my control.