so i struggle with self doubts and stress and etc. and i was wondering what any of you do to get over it because i'm looking for motivation so i can try to make friends or get a date.....but i'm just looking for inspiration.

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  • Ok, so tell me, why should I choose you as a friend? What makes you a good friend? And what would our friendship look like? Would we hang out every day or just a couple of times a day. What sort of things would we do? What sort of things do you enjoy to do? Where would you go on a date? 

    Try to imagine that you haven’t got self doubts. Just for a moment, try to imagine that you really do have a genie in a bottle. What type of friend or date would you like? Instead of stating that you have self doubts, and that you experience at times what you call stress, tell me about you. Without the labels. Tell me about Blue. 

    When you turn your attention towards what you do want, and away from all the things that make you feel bad, you will begin to see what it is you do want and then you are on the path of creating it. If you need help, it will be there. Take your time. These things will come to you. You might find, like me, that you don’t really want friends. Not in the way that nt people have friends. There are mamy ways to enjoy friendships and connections and to share our interests. But first, we need to know who we are. We need to date ourselves and take our time. 

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