TW - ASD and suicide prevention

Are there any suicide prevention support services aimed specifically at people with ASD? I'm not sure what I'm actually asking for in particular. I have a strong urge to hurt myself but traditional helplines are not good for me because I can't speak on the phone. I use the Samaritans email service, but I have noted a pattern in their responses which makes me suspect that I might not be communicating with an actual person on the other side. Besides, I have a fairly immediate plan and email response takes some time. 

I just want someone to understand that I don't want to be autistic any more. The daily effort I expend to do things that other people take for granted is greater than the sum of the rewards I get for trying. The only way I can think of to get a rest is to switch my brain off permanently. I would appreciate someone who could guide me towards a different strategy that works. 

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  • I avoid my colleagues because I find people very difficult

    In what way do you find people difficult? Do you find the folk on this forum difficult, for instance (don't worry, I shan't be offended...)

    Do you think your tendency to avoid colleagues might come across somehow to NTs during your interviews?

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