ASD and Stomach Problems

Hello All,

I apologise if this is already a thread, however this has been bothering me. I heard a while ago that people with ASD (I have Asperger's) are prone to having stomach trouble, and I was wondering if other people have found this? I myself has always had terrible stomachaches or just a constant pain in my stomach. I didn't think too much of it until I went to university, and for the past four/five years it's getting worse. Doctors tell me I have IBS, which is at least something so I can manage it, but I was wondering if stomach troubles is also a common theme amongst other Aspies and people with Autism?

Thank you :)

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  • I've read this too and it certainly applies to me. Despite IBS being mentioned by various doctors it was never actually diagnosed as such, because my symptoms didn't quite fit, and now I know why! (Asperger's apparently, although I don't get how it's linked!)

    I've tried various 'diets' where I've avoided 'trigger foods' etc but nothing made any difference to the random intense pains or the weird one-hour-to-two-day bloating periods where I suddenly look pregnant. I don't get any of the other IBS symptoms though. 

    I wonder if it's somehow linked to the fact that, apparently, PCOS is also a feature of (or somehow linked with) Asperger's?