Grievance procedure, ACAS Early Conciliation and the Employment Tribunal with an employer when refusing reasonable adjustments

Has anyone gone through a grievance procedure with an employer when refusing reasonable adjustments? Some of them recommended by an assessor behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions.

I believe that having a grievance hearing would a nerve-wracking experience for me. I would be under extreme stress and anxiety. I do not think that I would be able to say anything meaningful and/or they would be able to understand me. I do not think that I can do this myself unless someone represents me.

The problem is that I do not have a colleague, a trade union representative or an official employed by a trade union to be with me.

How about the Employment Tribunal?

What are your experiences with the grievance procedures, ACAS Early Conciliation and the Employment Tribunal?

Was it worth it?

How do the managers react when employees start these procedures?

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  • I have no experience with that procedure, but general experience with an employer (public sector, presumable private is no better) tells me that they will quite possibly try to get rid of you quickly in a legally acceptable way. Offering you some low compensation if you leave "voluntarily", and helping it a bit if you struggle to decide, i.e. by telling you you'll be made redundant very soon anyway or finding the most ridiculous reasons to complain about (preferably things you were praised for in the past) to make you feel awful just at the thought of having to go there again.

    So I'd say if you don't mind leaving then go for it, otherwise not sure really, guess it depends on the adjustments they refuse to do and ow impossible it makes working there for you.

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