Autism and Mental Health


I am wondering if i could have a bit of advice. I was wondering if autism had an effect on mental health issues and vise versa and if so how do people cope with this?

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  • When you consider having to deal with school, socialising, work, etc. undiagnosed, depression is not surprising. A diagnosis does not mean the end of depression but it is a step forward.

    My diagnosis has meant that I can at last begin to do what is natural to me without having an internal argument about whether it is "right" then trying (and failing) to behave in a neurotypical way.

    I agree with Trainspotter that modern society does autistic people no favours. Indeed, I would go further and modern society harms autistic people; I cannot make up my mind whether such harm is deliberate.

    You may wish to read this article about mood disorders for people with autism:

    Autism Speaks' report Autism and Health contains a section on autism and mental health. The report may be downloaded via:

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