Keeping fit

I am curious as to how other people stay fit and healthy on the forums.

My fitness levels are not great at the moment so I am thinking about what I can do to get back into a routine.  My energy levels are very low so need to build something up gradually, but would like to get back into cycling again as I do miss it.

What about you?  What is your approach to health and fitness? 

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  • From my early 20s onwards, when I started distance running, I was obsessed with fitness.  I'd run every day.  I'd also never touch alcohol, drugs or 'unhealthy' food.  Later still, in my 30s, I took up cycling and became similarly obsessive about it, sometimes cycling to work and back every day (a 16 mile round trip).  Swimming, too, is something I enjoy - though only in the summer, and only in the sea (fortunately, I live close to the beach).  I can't stand swimming pools, with the chemicals and all the people!

    I'm not so obsessive about these things now.  I stopped running  - apart from the occasional jog - last year.  I still cycle a lot, though - and, as I said, swim a lot in the summer.  I'm 58 now, and I think all of those years of exercise have a) entitled me to a bit of relaxation, and b) left me with an overall fitness level that is higher than most for my age.  I can still run up 4 flights of stairs without getting winded, and my metabolism means that I don't put on weight.  I drink more now, though, and I'm not so worried about food.  I walk a lot.  I belonged to a gym for a couple of years, but was going every day and putting myself through it with a triathlon training regime... but I decided that it wasn't really healthy.  When you look at it, too - top class athletes don't necessarily live any longer than the rest of us.

    My main incentive with it (apart from improving my PBs in races when I was running) has always been stamina.  I'm not interested in gaining physical strength, or weight issues.