Information Overload!

Hi all,

Sometimes I think that we receive too much information. The news is flooded with negative events, we are learning new things every day, and for the more analytical minds, we love to analyse and assess every little thing. When this happens, we need to relax our minds, and let things be, rather than strangle everything with our tenacious hold. There's so much information coming in, but we don't need to interact with it all - doing so would cause you too much stress and drive you insane!

Much love <3

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  • It seems like a tough choice - either you stay in the loop with news stories, but get flooded with negative events all the time; or, you don't keep up with the news, but then you remain ignorant towards what is happening in the world around you. I guess that the BBC's brief new summary is useful, but wonder how people think we could address this?

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