Information Overload!

Hi all,

Sometimes I think that we receive too much information. The news is flooded with negative events, we are learning new things every day, and for the more analytical minds, we love to analyse and assess every little thing. When this happens, we need to relax our minds, and let things be, rather than strangle everything with our tenacious hold. There's so much information coming in, but we don't need to interact with it all - doing so would cause you too much stress and drive you insane!

Much love <3

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  • Hi there welcome aboard, I stopped watching news programs as they just dragged me down to much, I wanted to rant at the injustice everywhere in the name of humanity, I cannot help or cure against it all, 

    i decided to stop tormenting myself. Like an ostrich I bury my head, it will never stop no matter what I do.