Heightened Anxiety

My anxiety is sky high right now. My heart is pumping away, I'm getting tunnel vision, I'm getting hot flushes, constant need to go to the loo, aches in joints, the works. 

It's all to do with this pending diagnosis. Having read about autism I now want the diagnosis but am anxious that I won't get it for some reason. Maybe I didn't tell them enough or there's some detail that they didn't ask about in the assessment that I'll rely upon for the diagnosis. Being high functioning I think it's going to be touch and go whether I qualify for a diagnosis or not. But having spoken to work I know I will be relying on a diagnosis in order to get the help that I need before things start to go wrong again.

And now I can't sleep because I'm too anxious. What can I do to relax?

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  • Grahem357: said:

    What can I do to relax?

    Aside from or along with the deep gentle pelvic breathing as suggested previously, you could try one of the 'tech-support' options that are available such as Binaural Harmonics ~ "Focus at Work - Relax at Home - Sleep at Night" ~ at https://mynoise.net/noiseMachines.php, providing you have or can get some earphones, of which I find the ear-plug variety work the best for me.

    Here are a few testimonials about particular soundscapes from the site:

     It radiates harmony and balance, and provides an incredibly calm sensation. I wish I could tell the whole world about this! ”
    “ This is probably my favourite noise generator so far. I live with ADHD and sensory processing issues that can get quite severe sometimes. This is the perfect compromise when my ADHD requires distraction in the form of background noise but my misophonia makes me extremely picky about what sounds I can stand at that moment. Thunder always works. Very helpful for studying and falling asleep, too! ”
    “ I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping after moving to a really busy street recently. I thought I'd never get proper sleep again... until I discovered this site, and specifically this generator. It drowns out almost all the noises without being too loud on the ears. I've never had a more peaceful sleep in my life. ”