Poor Oral Hygiene

Hi all,

I was just wondering if poor oral hygiene could be as a result of my autism? There’s something about toothpaste that I just don’t like and while I make an effort to clean my teeth at least once a day it’s a struggle. And going to the dentist just sends my anxiety through the roof so I generally avoid going unless I have to.

Does any of this sound familiar? And what workarounds are there to improve my oral health?


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  • I have difficult time if I don't clean my teeth. Get rather annoyed if don't do it. But ...
    It take forever for me start to do my clean my teeth. This how it goes
    1) Get everything I need
    2) Sort out some water in plastic cup
    3) Sort out the tooth paste on tooth brush

    4) Wait, wait, wait until my brain allows me to start cleaning my teeth. This could of been goning on for 20 minutes or 2 hours. I will sit on eage of bath or walk back in and out bathroom in to the hall way.
    5) Then I start. I will do it all the reast of it with out a problem then. It just got to start.

    I have no idea why starting is such an issue to me. My brothers will make fun at for it. (If they take it to fare I disconnect them from WiFi. They have no idea how Router works, that it all being configured in Linux)

    I have found it easyer using an Electric Toothbrush, The noise that made using manual toothbrush drives me nuts.

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