Should I stop taking my meds?

I have been taking Fluoxetine for many years now, for what the doctors say is depression. I am currently waiting for my referral to be tested for ASD and I was wondering if I should come off the meds before? Fluoxetine helps me a lot with my anxiety and my patience with everybody around me. It takes twice as much to stress me out as it would usually, off the meds. I have tried stopping several times but every time I end up shouting at my kids and my husband feels like I shut him out even more than usual. I'm just thinking if it will have an impact on the test? Don't I need to be the real me to give them real answers? 

  • You should probably best discuss this with your GP. It is generally not good to come off ongoing medication (especially mental health related ones like SSRIs) without discussing with a doctor first.

    I don't know much about fluoxetine except it is an antidepressant but do not think it would affect you sufficiently to not be the real you. I was on Citalopram (a similar SSRI) and it did not affect me beyond alleviating some anxiety symptoms.

    I am not the best at explaining ASD but if there was a drug that fixed it, many would be taking it. Personally I wouldn't worry, but I am sure they will want to know if you are on any medication.

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