ASD and sleep quality - anyone tried this?


My mind bings 100% awake after four-ish hours asleep and then if I'm lucky I can get a few more 30min chunks of sleep before I get up.

When it awakes, I am not worried and not mulling anything, just 100% daytime awake. I make myself stay put, and I do listen to audio books (drony male British voices reading boring literature/novels works well).

A few months ago, I started taking 2.5 mg Melatonin near bedtime to speed up falling asleep process, which works great.

Recently I added 50mg L-theanine to calm my thinker because as soon as it wakes up at 2:30am-ish, it continues full-bore processing complex stuff it was working on all day, The L-theanine is working to focus and calm the "analyzer" bit so that I can direct my mind to activities that are more sleep inviting. Like visualizing various textures (for some reason).

Anyone else tried this combination, and experienced side effects from either/both? 

PS. I did try 5-HTP very briefly but it made me really agitated and fragile the next day (unlike most people's success with it), which of course isn't fair to others around me :)