The tiredness is killing me

Every time I go out and do something, like shopping, browsing or take the kids out I am absolutely shattered after and fall asleep no matter how hard I try to stay awake. It really is quite annoying and I feel so silly having to go and lay down in the middle of the day

At the weekend my husband suggested taking the kids (5 of them) to Smyth's toy store, just to get out of the house and do something the children would enjoy. It was packed full of people! There was music on the speakers, sounds from all the toys and hundreds of voices all at the same time. Everybody was brushing into me and the kids were going mental, wanting to try every scooter they could find. I HATED IT! When we got back I fell asleep for a couple of hours!  

Yesterday and today I have spent my mornings taking photos of Pre School kids and last week I did another Pre School. I have hundreds of photos to edit so they can order before Christmas but I am SO tired ZZzZZzzzzzzzz.. It's SO hard!

How do you deal with fatigue and work? 

  • Tiredness can be caused by many things.  

    Sometimes things that make one person tired make someone else euphoric.

    There's physical work, mental worry, coping with problems, worrying about the future, lack of exercise, dehydration, lack of sleep, too much sleep, physical illnesses etc

    Regular Sleep is very important.  Plan to get enough by going to bed at a reasonable hour.  If you get it right you will feel refreshed in the morning.  I, for example have very bad sleeping patterns.  I often wake up exhausted.  Going to sleep at 3am and getting up at 7.  I then fall asleep during the day, on buses, trains, in front of the TV.  Sleeping tablets are dangerous because of the risk of overdose/suicide.

    Regular meals also help to relax, as is having breakfast and remember to keep hydrated by just drinking water.

    Physical exercise can also help tiredness as long as it's not to rigourous.   If you're fitter you can cope better.  Physical health can help mental health is what my psychiatrist quoted.

    And get regular blood tests.   Several years ago when I was tiring very quickly, multiple blood tests eventually found that I had a low red blood cell count caused by a low iron level in my blood. I was anaemic.

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