Adult Seeking Diagnosis

I am a young adult currently at University and I have suspected for a while now that I have AS.  I have always been very hidden about my emotions etc and haven't really spoken to anyone about this.  From what I have seen from the symptoms and online testing (although I'm aware these may be nonsense) it seems to fit exactly the way I feel.

Having seen many stories from others who have been diagnosed in adulthood I think this seems to be the best way forward in order for me to either get some closure or start to deal with it.  I'm aware of the process for a diagnosis, however I'm absolutely terrified to speak to my GP about this, especially if it turns out I'm just being paranoid.  Is there any way to bypass this stage and simply go straight to the psychiatrist (not sure how I would cope with this either, but it would be one less step) or otherwise does anyone else have any tips on how they approached their GP?

Any help at all really would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi. I was in the same position, not keen on broaching the subject with a GP. I rang the psychiatrist who had been rcommended and got an appointment without a GP referral. I fully understand your hesitation but I felt much better after diagnosis. I live in Ireland.

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