I'm not sure if it's because of ASD

But I have a big problem with my jaw. It locks up so I can't open my mouth fully and it does it so often. I have realized that I clench my teeth together really hard all the time and I think I grind them in my sleep. Every time I yawn my jaw clicks and it hurts so much!

Could this be linked to ASD or is it a separate problem?

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  • Hi Lone, 

    Having the same issue. Guess it's not directly related but indirectly via anxiety/stress. I'm sure about myself, because it gets a lot worse when I'm very anxious. These plastic things will help with teeth grinding but I guess not against your face being the equivalent to a fist all night. Guess anything that may help you to relax would be worth trying, don't think I have found anything for myself yet. I need the cause of the anxiety sorted, otherwise I don't seem able to relax, and that's not always possible...