Exhaustion and uni


So upon reading upon symptoms of being on the spectrum I noted there was mental exhaustion. I never out this down to a symptom of asperges untill reading about it, I just assumed I was lazy/ permantly happy to sleep. 

I've started uni this year and unfortunately the timetable is all over the place and hectic with no set times or days which I'm finding hard to then attend 100% because I'm just so drained from the hectic schedule week after week, interacting with people and then working at my.job all weekend as well as finding time for my.partner extremely difficult. 

Is this normal feelings and dofficulties to have as someone on the spectrum? And how can I help myself? 

I also find the fact this first year is a foundation and nothing I'm actually interested in with regards to my actually degree means I'm inciredbly unmotivated and don't bother although I no it's still important for me to do what I want.

Is this usual also ? And any tips ? 

Thank you for taking the time to read 

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  • Your university may provide access to specialists study skills mentoring. This could help you to develop strategies that require less mental energy. For example, I use speed reading software to increase my reading speed (http://www.readsy.co/). If you contact your university's disbality services they'd be able to help arrange this and an autism mentor.

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