PIP face to face assessment advice

Hi, well here is the answer to my last post! We have to go for a face to face this Thursday!!. My son has turned 16 and is going from dla to pip.

After reading the booklet I am confused as it says about taking a companion as they "can add in anything that helps you explain the difficulties you face more clearly, or help you answer any questions that you're asked" yet everything I see online says they don't listen to anyone with the claimant!!. Should I point this out to the HP if they appear to be ignoring me?.

Also if am my son's appointee surely the finance question is a formality as the dwp has already decided my son cannot deal with his finances!!.

Again I am really worried he will just say he can do everything!! Is it worth me doing a care diary between now and then?.

Has anyone on here been to one of these? And have you any info on what they ask them?. I really appreciate any help.


  • It might be worth asking CAB or similar if they can accompany you?

  • Please put Pip in the search at the top of the page and you will be able to read other posts about Pip which is helpful. Take the booklet with you in case they ignore you. They do prefer answers from the claimant. Yes do a diary for your own reference if not theirs, which you can use as a prompt and they may photocopy. They go through absolutely every part of the Pip form with you in detail asking all sorts of questions. It is very intrusive. If you can be thoroughly prepared for each area. Mention absolutely everything that your son has difficulty with. Do not leave anything out. Become a member of BenefitsandWork because they do detailed supported advice for pip and ESA and how to talk about each item in relation to Safely, repeatedly, in a timely fashion and a 4th thing which escapes me. Be as fully prepared as you can because just having autism isn’t enough you have to give clear examples to get points. Cab as mentioned are also very good and would recommend them as well. Look at the point system and have at least 3 examples with description if you can for each thing you want to emphasise. Try to give examples of what happens if you don’t help or support him. Make it about what he can and can’t do just as much as what you do and don’t do for him. It’s tough. Also be very very aware that their nice calm pleasant manner is probably that but don’t believe for one second they won’t use that veneer to catch you out. Sorry to be so cynical. Best advice get proper help like cab or welfare rights. Don’t try to go it alone. 

  • I've been to two and have been awarded enhanced rate daily living at both. As misfit61 mentioned, the benefit isn't given out solely based on what label you have. Its a points game and the benefit will only be awarded if you meet enough points across the different categories. Unfortunately, a number of people do lie on their form (I work with someone who did that) so you will be asked a number of questions based on what you have written to clarify that the statements you have made are true. At both of my assessments I have taken along supplementary independent evidence, which proved what I was saying was true. This included PDOC letters, OH reports, fit notes, a letter from a manager at work etc. Is your son still attending school or college? If he is could you get one of his teachers to write a witness statement. This would certainly help if your son is likely to lie.

    I read a lot of horror stories on the internet before my first assessment and that caused a lot of needless worry. My first assessor was really lovely and went out of her way to put me at ease. The second one came across as really quiet and didn't talk much but she was very efficient at her job.

  • Thanks for all your replies, i have just come back from the assessment and it was not too bad. The assessor allowed me and my husband in the room and both of us contributed to the assessment. It was sometimes hard to describe WHY he can't do things but we did our best. He was asked to remember 3 words and then after the physical assessment was asked to repeat them back and only remembered 2 of the 3. He was also asked to fold a piece of paper 3 times but only did it twice before he gave it back. Oh well we just have to wait now until we get the decision. i'll let you know the results when I get them.

  • Hi, here is an update! It has been 4 weeks since the assessment and we have heard nothing so this morning I rand the DWP. They informed me that they have not had the report from the assessors as yet!!!!!. We have been waiting every day expecting a letter from them but now it will be weeks more waiting!! I am soo annoyed. Especially at this time of year, we don't know where we are until we knowone way or another and my son has exams in the spring so if we have to go to tribunal it could be a nightmare!!

  • Thanks for the reply but I rang ATOS as well and they confirmed it had not been sent yet. They said claims are picked at random for checking and there is no time guidance for them!. I think the whole system is a joke! and call me cynical but why, when you go to tribunal do the assessors not have to be involved??? all seems a bit fishy to me!. I have filled the forms, answered loads of questions over the phone, taken my son to the assessment and they still are stalling??!!. I just don't get it!!. It would not surprise me if every report is "audited" and manipulated to suit!!. Let us hope they prove me wrong but I am not holding my breath!.

  • I recommend you take your support worker with you if you have one or at the very least someone who knows a bit about autistic who knows when best to step in and help you. 

    I had mine on Friday 1 Dec and thankfully had someone with me that has been working with me for three years. So knows all of my issues... Much of what I struggle with on a day to day is executive functioning related. I also struggle with auditory sensory issues. So we worked on those in the form and told the assessor pretty much the same as we'd put on the form. There was one point in my interview where I was struggling to describe the difficulties that I have when it comes to preparing a simple meal, which basically translated to the fact that I need prompting because of the smaller tasks involved in doing so. Thankfully the person I took with me knew to step in. 

    But be honest. And say what you said on the form because that is what the assessors are working with. 

    I don't really know how I did. All I will say is that the guy I got was pretty intimidating with his directness. But I'm thinking positively because my EF can be very bad. Especially when stressed and overwhelmed with too many things to do. 

    Good luck. 

  • Hey, another update! Rang again today and they finally got the ATOS report on dec 1st so just gotta wait for the decision now!! Hopefully before christmas but it is not gonna be much fun getting a "computer says no!" Letter right on top of Xmas!!!. Hoping for the best but planning for the worst!!