PIP face to face assessment advice

Hi, well here is the answer to my last post! We have to go for a face to face this Thursday!!. My son has turned 16 and is going from dla to pip.

After reading the booklet I am confused as it says about taking a companion as they "can add in anything that helps you explain the difficulties you face more clearly, or help you answer any questions that you're asked" yet everything I see online says they don't listen to anyone with the claimant!!. Should I point this out to the HP if they appear to be ignoring me?.

Also if am my son's appointee surely the finance question is a formality as the dwp has already decided my son cannot deal with his finances!!.

Again I am really worried he will just say he can do everything!! Is it worth me doing a care diary between now and then?.

Has anyone on here been to one of these? And have you any info on what they ask them?. I really appreciate any help.


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  • Thanks for the reply but I rang ATOS as well and they confirmed it had not been sent yet. They said claims are picked at random for checking and there is no time guidance for them!. I think the whole system is a joke! and call me cynical but why, when you go to tribunal do the assessors not have to be involved??? all seems a bit fishy to me!. I have filled the forms, answered loads of questions over the phone, taken my son to the assessment and they still are stalling??!!. I just don't get it!!. It would not surprise me if every report is "audited" and manipulated to suit!!. Let us hope they prove me wrong but I am not holding my breath!.

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